Local agriculture technology (agritech) firms, Lotus Ecoculture and TROTRO Tractor, have signed a strategic partnership to cultivate 3,300 hectares of land in the Volta Region, through its subsidiary Mepe Farms Limited, with plans to expand operations across Ghana and throughout West Africa.

The partnership is expected to enable Lotus Ecoculture to deliver up to US$500million worth of world-class organic produce from Ghana by 2027.

This alliance marks the next step in building a sustainable agricultural ecosystem and improving food security in Africa. By applying Lotus Ecoculture’s biotechnology and utilising TROTRO Tractors’ machinery on-demand services, the firms will reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase yields for smallholder farmers in the region.

With both businesses providing industry-leading services, Ghana’s agricultural sector, according to the two companies, must anticipate a boost through efficient food production, increased yields for local supply and exports, sustainable agriculture practices, healthy organic crops, job creation for rural youth and women, improved food security and price stability, and a reduction in post-harvest losses.

“The future of sustainable agriculture in Africa is Mechanisation and Bio-technology. TROTRO Tractor’s mechanization-as-a-service and Lotus Ecoculture’s enzyme-infused biological inputs and zero-waste process harness the potential of both,” Osayi Olotu, CEO-Lotus Ecoculture, told the B&FT.

The novelty stipulates that Mepe Farms Ltd., a subsidiary of Lotus Ecoculture, implements biotechnology innovations to build a zero-waste, zero-chemical input as well as being a cultivation company.

Mr. Olotu said all organic inputs are certified by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI), and all organic waste from cultivation operations will be used as raw materials for their Assisted Fermentation Technology – which converts organic waste into Bio-fertiliser.

The enzyme-induced Bio-fertiliser is healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly than its chemical counterparts, and has the potential to increase crop yield by over 30 percent.

TROTRO Tractor, as part of the agreement, will also provide mechanization solutions and machinery to support Mepe Farms in delivering over 13,000 metric tonnes of organic soybeans, maize and tomatoes to fulfill existing agreements as well as future contracts.

For this industrial-scale agronomy, Mr. Olotu explained that mechanization facilitates better plantation planning and land management while reducing cost and improving efficiency – all of which are paramount to a successful commercial farm.

“TROTRO Tractor Ltd. has the equipment to make mechanization affordable, accessible and ‘smart’ – providing clients with accurate measurement metrics for the first time. Mepe Farms Ltd. has the land, agronomic team and end-users to add value to the supply chain facilitating best-in-class organic produce availability,” – Kamal Yakub, CEO-TROTRO Tractor, noted.

By bringing together the zero-waste cultivation and on-demand mechanization services, the stage is set for a measurably enhanced performance in Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Mepe Farms Ltd. is an agriculture development company utilising innovative technologies to deliver the highest yields and quality crops in a sustainable zero-waste, production cycle. They offer ‘cultivation-as-a-service’ to food processors, producers and distributors – giving them access to a steady supply of raw material with guaranteed quality standards in line with clients’ specifications.

Mepe Farms Ltd. specializes in cultivating Organic Grains and Greenhouse Vegetables under long-term farming contracts or off-taker agreements with corporations. The provision of this service will boost agricultural industrialization and food security in Ghana through a sustainable system with assured produce, better financial planning for corporations, and assured income for the company.

TROTRO Tractor Limited is an Agricultural technology company that connects smallholder farmers with tractors and other agricultural machinery services (ploughing, harrowing, shelling and more). With TROTRO Tractor Ltd., farmers can request, pre-pay and schedule for tractors and agricultural machinery services using feature phones and smartphones.

Tractor owners can also monitor the efficiency of their machines remotely using the TROTRO Tractor Limited’s specialised GPS trackers, USSD App and Mobile App.

TROTRO Tractor’s services enable farmers to access the benefits of a fully mechanised process – namely higher yield, higher quality produce and better land management – while reducing the cost of acquiring, maintaining and operating mechanisation equipment.

Source: Business and Financial Times