Farmers have appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to support farmers with subsidies to purchase organic fertilizer in order to meet the demand for fertilizer in the country.

Fertilizer prices have risen nearly 30 percent since the start of 2022, following last year’s 80 percent surge according to the World Bank. Concerns about fertilizer affordability and availability have been amplified by the war in Ukraine impacting negatively on agricultural production.

Speaking at a stakeholders capacity building workshop organized by Safi Sana and Development Impact West Africa (DIWA), a regulator from the Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Department (PPRSD) of the ministry of agriculture, Samuel Nana Siaw Okyere says the ministry is already providing various forms of support to private entities producing organic fertilizer.

Adding that organic fertilizers have enormous benefits for the soil structure and crops.

Some participating smallholder farmers within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area were sensitized to the benefit of organic fertilizer, mode of application, agriculture best practices and the role of stakeholders in making organic accessible and affordable.

Safi Sana also trained the farmers on how to use Asaase Gyefo, a full organic compost.

The farmers expressed gratitude for the training and appealed to the government to support local producers to reduce the price of organic waste.