The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has urged the government to provide incentives for young people who want to create Information Communication Technology (ICT) based solutions to improve the agricultural sector.
The Agribusiness Chairperson of the AGI, Fatima Ali Mohammed, said such incentives and awards would make the agriculture sector attractive to the youth and eventually grow the sector.

“I think the future is the youth. The youth are great at technology. If we can start getting the youth to think of solutions that are agric-based and put in awards and incentives, it will give them a reason to venture into the sector,” she reiterated.

Ms. Mohammed was speaking at the 2022 Ghana Agriculture and Agro Processing Awards held in Accra on Friday, April 22, 2022.

Agric players

The awards event was aimed at recognising the achievements of individuals and companies, as well as their significant role in the development of the agricultural sector.
It was also aimed at recognising key functions within the industry that promote standards, excellence, innovation in agribusiness and stewardship.

The event brought together players in the agriculture and agro-processing industry and it was attended by the Ambassador of Morocco, Imane Ouaadil.

Awards winners

Nineteen companies, including the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Addfra Limited, Avnash Industries, Premium Trees Limited, Achiever Foods Limited, Ghana Exim Bank and Agriseed Limited were awarded at the event.
The rest are Boris B’s Farms & Veterinary Supplies Ghana Limited, Plot Enterprise Ghana Limited, Amp Logistics, Eco Index Agro Solutions, Fairafric Ghana, Mediterranean Shipping Company Ghana Limited, Koa Impact Ghana Limited, Agro Innova Llc, Agrisolve Ghana, Advans Ghana, Yayra Glover Limited and Tropo Farms Limited.

Also, the Chief Executive Officer, of YARA Ghana, Mr. Danquah Addo-Yobo, was awarded the Outstanding Business Leader of the Year, while the Chief Executive Officer, West African Mills Company (WAMCO), Frank Bednar, got the Visionary Leadership Award at the event.

Invest in Agric

Ms. Mohammed noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had clearly exposed Ghana’s over-dependence on imported food items, and therefore, it was crucial to involve the youth in the agricultural sector.
She called on the government to invest in agricultural infrastructure to help in storing perishable goods such as tomatoes.

“We also have to start thinking very progressively in terms of dehydration foods, such as yam and cassava. Countries such as China are actually creating fish and putting them in a frozen state while it is alive, and then putting them back into water and they will come back to life.
The Ambassador of Morocco, Imane Ouaadil, in a brief remark, reiterated the Moroccan government’s commitment to supporting the agricultural industry.