The National Food Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO) has assured that efforts are underway to tackle challenges with food supply to various schools across the country.

NAFCO is hopeful that these challenges will be resolved immediately to prevent the closure of schools.

“We wish to acknowledge that there have been genuine challenges relating to the supply of some specific food commodities and wish to assure that frantic efforts have been underway to address the concerns raised, particularly in ensuring adequate and regular supply of food to the schools. It is our fervent hope that the challenges will be resolved in a timeous manner in order to avert any potential closure of our schools.”

The teacher unions had petitioned the government and educational stakeholders to ensure the timely supply of food items to various Senior High Schools.

The unions complained that they had not received any funds from the Education Ministry to run various schools.

They disclosed this in a statement.

“The situation at the SHSs is critical and has brought the SHSs on their knees owing to the delays in releasing the GOG funds, non-supply of food items by the Buffer Stock Company and compounded by the early reporting at school at the beginning of each term, compared to the period preceding the Free SHS, now students no longer have to wait for school fees to be provided them before reporting to school,” portions of the statement said.

Apart from problems with food supply, various stakeholders in the educational sector have raised concerns over other challenges including the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).