The Ministry of Food and Agriculture plans to begin selling foodstuff within its premises to serve people in Accra.

The food will be straight from the farm gate to reduce the price build-up on the items.

Speaking at a meeting with farmers in Sefwi Wiaso in the Western North Region, sector Minister Dr. Owusu Akoto Afriyie said “the ministry itself is going to take its own initiative.”

“We are going to link up with the farm gate so that we make all the arrangements to ensure that we put up kiosks on our compounds at the ministry, specifically for food from here [Sefwi Wiaso] and we are going to give it a lot of publicity,” the minister said.

As of September, inflation for food items stood at 37.8 percent while transport inflation stood at 43.6 percent.

Cereals and cereal products, from food like maize, had an inflation rate of 46 percent.

The minister has in the past called traders greedy because of the level of food inflation.
Dr. Afriyie Akoto held that inflation was not a function of food shortages, but among other things, overpricing by traders.