President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians that agriculture will continue to remain a top priority of his government.

In an address during the 2022 national farmers’ day celebrations on Friday December 2, he indicated that a number of investments have been made by his administration in the sector.

“The massive investments” made in the sector attest to his commitment to the sector, he said.

“The positive narrative about government’s support to the agricultural sector is that, unlike several other countries, Ghana is better prepared, and has demonstrated resilience to the current adversities threatening to destabilise our food systems.”

“This has been possible because of the sound, pragmatic policies and programmes rolled out at the inception of my stewardship.”

The president further stated that in 2016, his government inherited production levels of 1.7million metric tonnes of maize and 665,000 metric tonnes of rice.

However, under the planting for food and jobs (PFJ) initiative which he introduced, maize production reached 3.4million tonnes by 2021 and rice to 1.2million metric tonnes.

“The credit must go to our gallant farmers, fishers and value chain actors who embraced the PFJ policy and leveraged the opportunities created by the enabling environment for agricultural development” he said.