OCP Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of OCP Africa, both of OCP Group based in Morocco – Africa’s leading fertiliser producer, and Newage Agric Solutions Limited, a leading Ghanaian agricultural firm, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure a consistent and sustainable supply of fertiliser for food production in Ghana.

The collaboration between OCP Ghana Limited and Newage will ensure that the right type and quality fertilisers are made available to farmers across the country, to support Ghana’s food security needs and support jobs in the agricultural production value chain.

Fertiliser prices have increased across the world since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition to price increases, there have also been shortages in key markets – resulting in fears that global food security will be affected. OCP Ghana and Newage through these collaborations will ensure the supply of quality fertiliser at the right price.

In Ghana, the government’s support through ‘Planting For Food and Jobs’ (PFJ) has been phenomenal in ensuring sustainable food production. However, farmers face the challenge of dealing with high costs because of the global situation.  OCP Ghana and Newage intend to among other things ensure that farmers get fertiliser on time to keep them productive.

The Regional Vice President of OCP Africa-West Africa, Mr. Mohammed Benzekri, commended Newage Agric Solutions for the strides it has made over the past few years; and assured the company of OCP Africa’s support to ensure further growth of the agric sector in Ghana.

“We are happy with the work Newage has been doing, and we hope to continue working with you to ensure the continuous availability of fertiliser. We are going to make specific fertiliser blends for the Ghanaian market, to ensure that your work with farmers produces the best yields which will drive Ghana’s economic development forward,” he said.

On his part, the CEO of Newage Agric Solutions, Mr. William Kotey, also praised OCP Africa for being a dependable backbone for food production.

“OCP Africa’s work has been phenomenal within the continent. It is great that we are continuing our relationship and cementing it further for the future. From the great initiatives you have done and work in Ghana – such as Agribooster and free real-time soil testing and recommendations for farmers – I know we can drive growth in production by ensuring farmers get the right fertiliser and training, and help them acquire and maintain sustainable jobs.”

OCP Ghana and Newage will: ensure that local supplies of fertiliser are secured at competitive prices; ensure that there is knowledge-sharing in the development of local fertiliser blends; promote innovation and R&D efforts; strengthen local distribution channels; and deepen the scope for extending existing agricultural systems.

In this regard, OCP Ghana and Newage will work to implement fertiliser solutions that can adapt to the soils and crops of Ghana; build the capacity of farmers to ensure high yields, and work to support the country’s general fertiliser value chain.

Source: Business and Financial Times